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Valentina Black: Encounters of the Foriegn Guy

I met him at the grocery store. He brushed up against me ever so gently and said hello. A chill ran down the left side of my neck and body. He was of some Spanish kind. A thick accent and the most inviting smile. You're lovely and you smell lovely. Can I take you out? I don't know what it was. Chemicals and such, mixing in the air around me... But he got me and hooked me. Later, that evening I found my self in his car. A nice drinks and a little getting to know you. We danced. He held me close. He whispered in my ear. I felt swept up in all of it. In his scent and suddenly we were kissing passionately. Kissing in the bar - kissing in the car. He was fiery and smooth. As if he were reading some map of my erogenous zones. I was melting on the inside for this guy. I couldn't wait to see what was pressing so hard up against me all night. He wouldn't let me take it out. He teased me. He put my hands behind my back and pleasured me orally. Man I was primed. Finally, I unbuttoned his pants - that moment came and oh! my, my, my! I knew instantly I wanted to ride him. I was so wet I straddled him. It felt so fat inside me. He said things in another language as I rode him. After I came like a violent hurricane. I wanted more. But would he be up for the be continued

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Vanessa Valen & Kenn: Hi We Want You for a Third

Hi Im Valen and this is my guy toy Ken. We met here on flirt not to long ago. We are so excited to get to show you how much we love to fuck... we love all toys. I'm so excited to show you all the things we want to do. Ken and I are both attorneys and love to work hard and play harder. We are not a couple but appreciate the art of sport fucking.. we are always open for suggestions and new ways we can all play together we also have another friend who night cum play.I am a sexy Italian princess curvy pinup style. And Ken is all American guy with 9 inches of rock hard cock. Being open and free on this site allows us both two cum over and over. Were a sex match made in heaven from head to toe our bodies fuck well in any situation or position. Cum and see!!

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Jessy Stars: All Kind of Fun!

I love to dress up in a variety of outfits, so look forward to seeing my wardrobe of lingerie, stockings, suspenders, crotchless tights, pantyhose, high heel shoes, corsets, belts, elegant gloves and business suits.I am ready to enjoy our time make your wildest fantasies a reality....let's test each others limits soon Dreams are beyond value, so don't waste yours. Come join me for a very special time together and realize your desires...I have a great toned body long hair silky smooth skin and a beautiful smile. Wherever I appear, I attract attention...I am very open minded, with a relaxed attitude, positive and enthusiastic with a fascination for life. I am a playful lady with a good sense of humour, so if your looking to for a relax time with a charming, sexy, softly spoken, gentle girl after a days hard work then get in touch..I can be your best friend, your lover or your horny demanding Mistress, just let your fantasies run wild...Sexy smile, good mood, great conversations or...seductive looks, erotic striptease ...soft moans... amazing long legs with sexiest high heels, stockings, modeling, role play...I am in a perfect mood for having fun ! MY HARDEST NIPPLES? MY PERFECT FIT ASS? MY GREAT SENSE OF HUMOUR? MY AMAZING SMILE?OR MY PERSONALITY and BRAIN? MY "MODESTY"? AHAHAHA..YOU DECIDE

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Coco Bangzz: My Sex Toys

yesterday I was going through my naughty bag and ran across a few of my favorite toys. my big purple dildo, one of my first. I love this toy because it feels so good filling my holes. i also have a vibrator I really love. it brings me to an extreme climax. makes me squirt every where.

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Summer Wren: Dream Significant Other

Hey my lovelies, recently I have been asked a lot on what I look for in a partner. Well instead of the long discussion I have decided to blog it instead. First off he must be taller than me. Since I am a mere five foot one and a half most of you fit into the running ha-ha. Also I look a lot into personality and the emotions / sensitivity of the man. He must have a great sense of humor. I love to laugh and have fun so when I'm having a bad day I want him to make me laugh so I can forget about the bad things that are going around me. He has to be a good listener. I dot want to talk to a wall I want to talk to a man who will listen and understand what im saying and try to see where I am coming from. I want to heard and understood. I also want a man who isn't afraid to say he's wrong when he's wrong and doesn't just assume things of me. Last part of the emotional part, he must be faithful! I don't want a player I want a man who will come home to me every night and if we so choose to play around its together and a mutual decision. Oh yes and honest! Don't lie to me, liars are cowards not men. On to the physical aspect. Must be into some kind of physical fitness. I want a workout partner and friend. A great smile and pretty eyes and that's about it.

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